Brandon Weeden "getting better every week"

Brandon Weeden is getting a crash course in the Texans offense. Signed to the active roster on Nov. 19, Weeden hasn't had the luxury of time to learn a new system but he's getting more acclimated with each passing week.

"I would say getting better every week," Weeden said. "They all have said that it is kind of a game plan offense, so last week is in the dead and this is a whole new offense essentially. Now it is just learning it fresh and understand why we are learning certain plays to attack what they are doing. I think for me just going out and doing the little things, day one stuff, get the cadence right, get the Mike points right, the communication, if I can just over-communicate, then we have good players, so hopefully the rest will take care of itself."

Weeden isn't the only one who's had to study more.

For the Titans, a new quarterback presents its own set of challenges. With limited game film on Weeden, just half of a game against Indianapolis, the Titans defensive players have been studying Weeden from both his Cowboys and Browns action.

"It's more his mannerisms and his style of play, from that aspect, that's why you would go back to Cleveland games and Dallas games," Titans outside linebacker Brian Orakpo said Wednesday. "Then with his game with the Texans and him coming in for (Brian) Hoyer, just going through the type of scheme they're running. You kind of take everything from that aspect and put it into one. You learn from that."

Orakpo said it was "almost more challenging" because of the uncertainty of what Weeden brings to the game.

Weeden was 11-of-18 for 105 yards, one touchdown, and a 95.8 passer rating in Sunday's 16-10 win over the Colts.

The (7-7) Texans travel to Tennessee to face the (3-11) Titans on Sunday at noon CT.

Texans fans showed up in full force to support their team at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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