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Breakout candidate for 2024, J.J. Watt comeback & more | Fans Wanna Know


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Bacari Walker: Dear Drew, Will the Texans add more depth to the secondary during training camp?
DD: They might, and they also might do so before then as well. Executive Vice President/General Manager Nick Caserio said the team will make a lot of moves in between the Draft and the end of the summer, so it wouldn't be surprising to see some transactions made in the secondary, and throughout the rest of the roster, in the months to come.

Michael Schott: Dear Drew, Will J.J. Watt ever come back to play with the Texans?
DD: It's definitely a possibility. We discussed it further HERE.

Jose Alvarez: Dear Drew, What is 1 thing you are excited to see this upcoming season for the Texans?
DD: Jose, there are a zillion things I'm excited to see. But if I had to put one at the top of the list, it'll be "What's next?" for C.J. Stroud.

Think about it: he was transcendent last season as a rookie, and now he has a full offseason in the system, the same young creative coaching staff returning, and some more weapons on offense.

It's tantalizing to envision how great the season, and seasons, ahead for Stroud and the Texans will be.

Giovanni Soria: Dear Drew, What player do you think has a breakout season this year? I think John Metchie, III will prove he's A DAWG?
DD: Before I get into breakouts, I think anyone who's made it to an NFL tryout, much less on to an actual roster, is a dawg. I have a lot of respect for them.

So with that in mind, Metchie's already a dawg in my view.

But yes, he's an excellent candidate for taking a next step/breaking out, etc. Last season he caught 16 passes for 158 yards. It was his first season to play since an ACL tear AND Leukemia diagnosis. It's remarkable that he suited back up after that double-whammy.

This offseason he's been healthy and was working out some with Stroud and other teammates in Los Angeles. Metchie's been on the field during Organized Team Activities (OTAs) and getting valuable reps.

In mid-April, Stroud said Metchie will have a "huge impact" in 2024.

"Metchie is looking amazing," Stroud said. "Everything that he will put on this field will be no surprise, but I think everybody in this room knows how special he can be, and he'll put that on the field."

***Giovanni, your question was a good one, and it's won you Texas Lottery Scratchoffs. Someone from the organization will soon contact you.***

Rodney Crouch: Dear Drew, Will training camp start a week earlier than usual because of the Hall of Fame game?
DD: Yes Rodney, it will. The dates haven't been announced yet, but because that game is typically a week ahead of the rest of the preseason slate, the Texans will begin training camp a week earlier as well.

Adarn Cane: Dear Drew, How tall are you on Fridays?
DD: I'm a bit taller than my normal 5-11. I'm closer to 6-2 on Fridays. You?

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