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Brooks Reed on moving inside: "It's totally different"

Brooks Reed knows a thing or two about playing inside linebacker, having prepared to do so in the past. Moving inside in Romeo Crennel's defense this offseason, has challenged him and he's enjoying it.

"It's totally different," Reed said in an interview with Texans Radio on June 9. "Right now, I'm playing middle full-time. I also have to prepare to play outside too. I'm doing that as well. I have got to know a lot of stuff. I have to know a lot of adjustments and checks but it's coming along. It just takes repetitions to see it. You can get it down paper-perfect but when you get down on the field, people are moving quickly and it's a lot different. In that regard, it's still a work in progress. There's always things I can fix and improve upon but that's just me being critical of myself."

With No. 1 overall pick Jadeveon Clowney expected to play outside linebacker, Reed may see a transition to the inside under head coach Bill O'Brien, whose motto for the team is "the more you can do."  

Now entering his fourth season, Reed likes being a versatile player and has absorbed a good amount of knowledge under position coach Mike Vrabel.

"It's awesome," Reed said of playing for Vrabel. "You know when you mess up and you know when you do something good. He's bringing a different coaching style than what I'm used to and have had in the past. He's a younger guy and he's been there done that. He knows a lot, a lot, a lot about the game."

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