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Bun B impressed with Arian Foster's rap ability

Running back Arian Foster made music privately last offseason with Bun B, a Texas rap legend who lives in Houston and is a vocal supporter of the Texans.

Foster, a philosophy major at the University of Tennessee, writes poetry and music in his free time off the field. He has called writing “one of my first passions and one of my first loves.” The three-time Pro Bowler approached Bun B about music after signing a new multi-year contract with the Texans last March.

"After he got his extension, he was like, 'Man, I got some things – I just want to finally take a deep breath,'" Bun B said Monday on the "Off the Turf with Scurf" podcast. "He doesn't really make music that he feels like he needs to put out a mix tape or make an album or feel like he needs to share or any of that kind of thing. It's kind of more of a release for him because he does rapping as well as spoken word, as well as poetry. He's very well-read, and he's very well-written, as well. We just get together and just make music, not for commercial release but just for cultural expression."

Foster has shared some of his poetry but has not released any music to date, nor has he stated plans to do so anytime soon. But Bun B, who was nominated for two Grammys and won BET and MTV awards as part of the rap duo UGK, is impressed with his talent.

 "I think he's really good," Bun B said. "I think people would be really surprised to hear him do his thing. I remember we were at Connor's (Barwin) going-away party, and he and Andre (Johnson) were talking about him rapping and he's like, 'Bun, tell this man I can rap, yo. Tell this dude I can rap.' I'm telling him like, 'Dre, he can go.' Dre's like, 'Alright,' I'm like, 'No, he's actually really good, 'Dre. You'll have to come check him out.' So 'Dre was like, 'Alright, I'm going to check him out.' Now, I don't know how much rapping he does in the locker room. I don't know if those guys are even listening to him doing any of that. It's just funny, man. He's really proud of what he can do, and he should be."

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