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BWTB: Arm strength vs. accuracy


Which is more important for a quarterback? Ideally, one would want both but as the saying goes, "The NFL is a game of inches."

Bill O'Brien addressed the qualities of his ideal quarterback last week. He seemed more forgiving of arm strength than accuracy.

"The difference between college football and pro football as it relates to the passing game is that in college good receivers usually get pretty good separation," O'Brien said on March 31 at his Town Hall meeting. "Comeback route, you can leave it on the inside and get away with it. In the pros, the coverage is a lot tighter. So the accuracy of the quarterback is huge."

Of course, assuming the ideal quarterback has all the intangibles (smart, hard-working, high-character), he can get away with not having the brute strength provided he can hit his target consistently.

"He's got to have a decent arm," O'Brien said. "He doesn't have to have a cannon arm but he's got to have a good enough arm to make all the throws. He's got to be very accurate."

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