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Cal McNair has a vision for the Houston Texans 

The Houston Texans' theme for their 2019 offseason program was to get better.

That theme carried over into the front office, when the Texans relieved general manager Brian Gaine of his duties as general manager last Friday. The team made the announcement via statement from Cal McNair, Texans chairman and C.E.O.

McNair's evaluation included all aspects of the team, from equipment and the training room to coaching and football operations, according to head coach Bill O'Brien.

"He's (Cal) very good at articulating what he wants, what he sees, his vision, the improvements he thinks that need to be made, relative to the whole building, not just coaching staff but the whole building," O'Brien said Tuesday. "Obviously he's not afraid to make tough decisions and No. 1, relative to this football team, is he wants to win. He's been perfectly clear with me on what he wants me to improve on, what he wants me to do and he's been perfectly clear with the whole organization on what his expectations are moving forward."

McNair was named chairman in July 2018 after serving as vice chairman since 2008 under his father, the late Robert C. McNair (1937-2018), who was the Texans founder, senior chairman and C.E.O. Cal McNair had been actively involved with the football operations of the Texans franchise since its inception and attends NFL meeting as part of team management.

"Obviously, last year was a tough year relative to losing his dad, Bob McNair," O'Brien said. "In getting to know Cal over the last few months here, obviously since November, he's a humble, humble person."

Gaine, named the Texans general manager on Jan. 13, 2018, worked with O'Brien during the first three years of O'Brien's tenure as head coach. Gaine served as the Texans director of pro personnel in 2014 and director of player personnel from 2015-16. He spent the 2017 season as the Buffalo Bills vice president of player personnel before returning to Houston in 2018.

"It's a tough business and that's obviously a decision from much higher up than my head," J.J. Watt said. "Like I said on Twitter, it's the truth. All I want to do is win. I don't care about anything else but winning. I want to win it for my teammates and I want to win it for these fans."

O'Brien did not disclose details of McNair's evaluation, but a search is currently underway for a new general manager, the fourth in franchise history. In the meantime, Texans players are wrapping up their final week of the offseason workout program with a three-day veteran minicamp this week.

"We're moving forward, we're excited about the future, we've had a really good offseason program here," O'Brien said. "We're in our ninth week. Guys have worked hard, young guys are really improving and learning and feel like we've improved as a football team. That was our theme this year in the offseason program was to get better as a team and I believe our players have improved whether they are rehabbing or they're out on the field or whatever category they are in, I believe we have improved. That is what I am looking forward to is the future and trying to carry out Cal McNair's vision for the organization."

Check out some of the best shots from the first day of veteran minicamp. Presented by Houston Methodist.

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