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Candice prepares for cheer tryouts


With the 2009 Houston Texans Cheerleaders tryouts nearing, Candice is preparing by getting professional headshots taken and staying in tip-top shape. Check out her tips for making the squad in this exclusive interview with important are headshots for Texans Cheerleader tryouts?

Candice: I believe that your photograph is one of the most important things about tryouts because it shows so much about your personality. I hope that the judges are able to take away from my picture not only that I'm fun and energetic but that I would be a good representative of the Houston Texans organization. else are you focusing on as you prepare for the tryouts?

Candice:One of the other really important things about tryouts is definitely staying in shape. I'm very blessed to be able to work at a physical fitness gym where I teach Zumba and I have the opportunity to work out every single day, because fitness is a very important part of my life. other advice do you have for someone who might be interesting in trying out?

Candice:I think that one of the most important things about tryouts is coming to tryouts with a positive mind and also just being able to pick up choreography on the spot. You have a certain amount of time that you're allotted to learn the choreography and then practice and then go try out. So I would encourage all of you to continue taking dance classes, whether it's hip hop or ballet or jazz. Just continue in your dance classes with a positive attitude and walk in to tryouts knowing that you can fulfill the job of being a Houston Texans Cheerleader. When are the tryouts, and how many girls tried out for the squad last year?

Candice:If you're even contemplating trying out, I would absolutely encourage you to come out on April 18 to try out to be a Houston Texans Cheerleader. Last year, there were just about 1,000 girls. I'm so honored to have had the opportunity to represent the Houston Texans this year and hopefully, I'll get to see you at tryouts. Where can people go to find out more information about the tryouts?

Candice:If you're interested in trying out, please visit our website at **** and just visit the **cheerleader home page**.


**Click here** to visit the 2009 Houston Texans Cheerleaders Tryouts information page.

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