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Case Keenum to start against New England

Each week has gotten progressively tougher for Case Keenum. For the first time in his five starts, Keenum failed to find the endzone in Sunday's 13-6 loss to Jacksonville.

Success and struggles are all a part of the growth process, according to head coach Gary Kubiak. He announced on Monday that Keenum will start against New England. 

"I think, initially, a lot of good things going on, a lot of big plays going on," Kubiak said. "He's getting played differently a little bit each week, so he's seeing different defenses, different teams."

Keenum, who scored eight touchdowns through his first four starts, talked last week about going through his progressions before leaving the pocket. This week, he will continue to work on his pocket presence.

"He's drifting a little bit in the pocket, which is something we've got to go fixed," Kubiak said. "That's something that he has confidence to do because of the way he did in college. You can't do that in this league because the edges get real short. That's part of his growth process, but he's a confident kid."

With a young quarterback working through a learning process, Kubiak's message to the rest of the offense is simple.

"The best thing they can do is just play at the highest level they can possibly play at," Kubiak said. "Our veterans have done a good job of that. They understand he's young back there. But you look at guys like Chris (Myers) and Andre (Johnson), Duane (Brown). They're trying to help him because they see a talented young man who's done a lot of good things."


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