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Changes in uniforms, rookie impact, beating the Cowboys and more | Dear Drew

Got a question about the Texans? Life in general? Drew Dougherty's your guy. He's been with the Texans since 2009 and is chock full of meaningful, as well as generally useless, information. Fire away by clicking HERE!

John Garza: Dear Drew, Is there any chance we could change our uniforms any time soon?DD: Yes. The Texans will wear the Battle Red Helmets on Thursday Night Football this year, and I believe we could see some additional uniform changes in the years to come. This is the first major change, uniform-wise, in franchise history. I could certainly see more coming down the line in the years to come. Think about it: since the Texans started playing games in 2002, both the Astros and Rockets have changed uniforms since.

Kaye Reynolds: Dear Drew, Why didn't the Texans try to improve the offensive line more in the draft/ off-season?
DD: What do you mean? They used a first-round pick in the NFL Draft on Texas A&M offensive lineman Kenyon Green. They signed A.J. Cann in free agency, and until last year, he'd started at least 13 games per season in Jacksonville since 2015. The club also brought in a new offensive line coach in George Warhop, a highly-respected assistant who's been in the NFL for more than 25 years. Laremy Tunsil went to a couple Pro Bowls as a left tackle, and he'll be back. Tytus Howard has done well at right tackle, and after shuttling between guard and left tackle last year, it's looking like he'll settle back in at right tackle.

Jeffrey Otto: Dear Drew, What major changes do you expect to see with Pep Hamilton's Offense. Increased run game? More two TE sets?
DD: It's a terrific question, Jeffrey. Based on what we saw during Organized Team Activities (OTAs), heard from the players, and have seen in Hamilton's past, both of those seem likely. Instead of 'increased', I think the Texans are more intent on getting an 'improved' run game. They were worst in the NFL last season with 3.4 yards per carry. Getting better in that stat is a must. As you pointed to, tight end involvement will likely be a bigger emphasis, as well. Keep this in mind, too: Hamilton has also expressed a desire to maximize the strengths of his players. I think that might make this offense a little more fluid than some of the past seven or eight seasons. He wants to take advantage of what his players do best.

Brandon De Cavitch: Dear Drew, Do you think beating the cowboys is better than winning a Super Bowl?
DD: Of course not. Every one of the other 31 NFL franchises has beaten the Cowboys. Not all have won a Super Bowl.

Joshua Justelien: Dear Drew, How do you think Davis Mills will do in year 2?
DD: Much better. And he improved a lot over the course of his rookie season. He now has a whole year in the organization, and since early February has been working with Hamilton on the installation of the offense. Mills is a supremely confident person, very smart and ready to take steps in his development. If the run game, like we talked about above, gets better, that'd really boost Mills' development as well.

David Schulba: Dear Drew, What rookie do you expect to make the biggest impact on the team this year?
DD: There are many to choose from. But if I had to narrow it down, gimme Defensive Back Jalen Pitre and Running Back Dameon Pierce. Both guys went through everything during OTAs and looked good, and it appears they'll get their opportunities to contribute early.

Robert Fuller: Dear Drew, Can you bring chairs to Texans practice days?
DD: No. There are plenty of covered seats now in the bleachers. For more info on camp, click here.

David McLemore: Dear Drew, What has been your favorite thing about being the host of Texans TV over the years???
DD: Tough question. I'd say getting to travel to London, Mexico City, Monterrey and every NFL city has been a highlight. I've also really enjoyed answering fan questions over the years through Dear Drew, as well as on gameday with the pregame shows. Those two aspects of my work have been my favorites.

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