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Houston Texans

Most significant uniform change happens in Texans' 21st season

Finally, a change is coming.

A sizeable chunk of you have wanted the Texans to at least tinker with their uniforms, if not change them drastically. Since 2014, I've answered fan questions in video and written form on a pretty regular basis in my 'Dear Drew' series. The most-frequently asked question, hands down, has been a variation of 'When will the Texans change their uniforms?"

Well, for one game this season, they'll have Battle Red Helmets.

The franchise announced the decision today. So in Week 9 on November 3 against the Eagles at NRG Stadium, for the first time in 416 games (328 in the regular season, 10 in the playoffs and 78 preseason contests) the Texans will wear a different helmet.

It'll be glossy red, which comes as a bit of a surprise. Back when the logo was unveiled in the early days of the franchise, Texans Founder/Chairman/CEO Bob McNair held up a white helmet with the logo on it. I always assumed that would be the look, if and when the team ever decided to jiggle things in the uni department. It'll also have a Deep Steel Blue facemask. The team will wear the Battle Red jerseys and Liberty White pants with the new helmet.

The Houston Texans will unveil the Battle Red Helmets in the Week 4 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, October 1.

Fans will get a sneak-peak of the new helmets at training camp. The team will wear them on the second day of work, Saturday, July 30.

This is the first major tweak to the Texans uniforms since the team began play in 2002. When Nike took over for Reebok to start the 2012 campaign, there were subtle changes, but the uniform design was largely the same. The helmet-design never wavered.

So in the franchise's 21st season, there will be a different look in the uniform department.

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