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Cheerleader of the Week: Brittani


With one of the brightest senses of humor among the Texans Cheerleaders, Brittani is well-liked by teammates and fans alike. The 24 year-old rookie from Sugar Land frequently has teammates rolling on the floor laughing during practices.

The newest Texans Cheerleader of the Week is also well-respected for her compassionate nature.

"Brittani's kind of like the mom on the team," Betsy said. "She always seems to know what's going on, and any time that anybody needs help or is having a bad day, she's the first to come over and ask you how you're doing and what she can do to make it better.

"She has just a winning personality and she's someone that's very kindhearted."

Brittani recently demonstrated that caring spirit on a trip to Seattle, Washington, with some of her fellow cheerleaders. She, Ashley C, Edith and Elizabeth stopped by several military bases in the Emerald City to send their well-wishes to some of the Northwest's enlisted men and women.

With a father and aunt who served in the military and a cousin in the Marines currently deployed overseas, the trip hit home for Brittani, who could not express enough gratitude to the military personnel she encountered.

"I must have said thank you over and over, like, 'Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all that you do in every way,' because to have someone basically give up their life so that you can have a normal life and still be able to be in your home and be with your family, it's gratifying," she said.

"And I know for me, I actually have family that's in the military, and to only get to speak to (my cousin) once a week through e-mail or mail, it's touching. So for me to actually go and give my time to someone else, it means more to them than it does to me. It's the least I could do. It's not even that much."

Brittani brought a video camera along to document the trip for While that allowed her to capture some great memories, it also made the red tape of visiting the high-security bases even stickier, such as when Brittani got decked out in Marine gear for a ride an armored, bulletproof BearCat vehicle.

"I was unable to get the footage of me actually outside of the armored car where they get to shoot the guns," she said. "We couldn't shoot anything outside, around the base – only inside or inside of the vehicle. Very top secret security."

One of the many highlights of the Seattle tour was a promotional visit to a local store, where the cheerleaders signed autographs, posed for pictures and handed out the 2008 Texans Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar. Brittani and the cheerleaders had the pleasure of meeting dozens of troops and their families.

The favorable reaction from the community certainly was, at times, overwhelming. At one point, two enthused fans showed up wearing custom-made shirts with the team pictures of the cheerleaders attached to both sides.

"Those gentlemen were so sweet," Brittani said. "They were so excited to see us, so excited, and it was out of nowhere. We were signing autographs and all you hear is this commotion of these two gentlemen coming over.

"They were so excited – 'You're finally here! You're finally here! We made you something!' and it just caught all four of our attention and we were like, 'What is this!'

"It was exciting. We can actually come back and show the girls, 'Hey, we have fans outside of Houston!' So it's very nice."

Cheerleader services manager Alto Gary was not surprised to hear that one of her most amiable cheerleaders was such a big hit on the trip.

"She has a bubbly personality," Gary said. "She's always willing to talk to everyone. She's the one I get the most compliments on from the fans on her coming up and talking to them and just being really interested in what they have to say. She is definitely one of my top contenders as far as personality and the fans loving to talk to her."

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