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Cheerleader of the Week: Nicole


Texans Cheerleader of the Week Nicole is busy preparing for her second year of tryouts with the Texans Cheerleaders. We caught up with her as she was getting fitted for her all-important tryout outfit at Casa De Novia Bridal, where she has worked for the past several months.

The 2008 Houston Texans Cheerleader Tryouts begin Saturday, April 12. Nicole, a former member of the Pom Squad at the University of Texas, recounted her 2007 tryout experience, noting a difficult decision she faced as she advanced to the later rounds.

"My rookie year, I moved to Houston in February and … I wanted to try out for the Texans and I also wanted to try out for the Dallas Cowboys, because those were both the NFL teams in Texas," she said.

With Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader tryouts up first, Nicole drove to Dallas and danced her way into the second round of auditions. She then drove back to Houston for the first day of Texans Cheerleader tryouts, planning to return to Dallas a few days later. But thanks to a strong quick impression made by the Texans Cheerleader program, that didn't happen.

"(There were) just so many girls, I mean, it was 1,000 girls," Nicole said of the 2007 Texans Cheerleader tryouts. "The Texans have the biggest auditions in the nation, and that's just amazing. We have a great program.

"I kept making it. I made it to the next round, and the next round. I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is great.' Four rounds into it they were like, 'OK, well you need to come back tomorrow,' and I'm like, 'Oh goodness, I'm supposed to drive up tonight to Dallas and do my round two of Dallas auditions.' So I had to make the decision that night of whether I wanted to stay here and do the Houston Texans or just even try to go for round two for the DCC auditions, and absolutely, without a doubt I chose the Texans.

"The friendships in the short amount of time I spent here around the Houston Texans girls, it was like night and day. Everybody was so friendly and welcoming, and we just had a great time. I felt more at home, and I've never regretted that decision and I am so happy to be here, especially with Alto (Gary) as our director because she's just amazing. She expects a lot from us, but she's also a warm person and she really, really cares about her team and I love working for her, so that's been one of the biggest factors in me staying here and working out again for the Texans is Alto."

Stay tuned to for more coverage of Nicole and the rest of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders as they prepare for the 2008 tryouts on April 12.

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