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Chris Myers on Owen Daniels' release

Nine-year veteran Chris Myers has played professional football long enough to understand the business side of free agency in the NFL. On Tuesday, two-time Pro Bowl tight end Owen Daniels, known as "O.D" by teammates, was released by the Texans. Since hearing news of Daniels' release, Myers had a chance to speak with his friend and former teammate.

"We talked a little bit on and off," Myers said in an exclusive interview with Texans Radio. "Obviously, he's down in the dumps about it a little bit, and rightfully so. He's had a great career here and set a bunch of records. He's a man of the city and a very great guy that anyone could go up and talk to, down to earth, and one of my close buddies on the team. To see him go is going to be tough but I guess when you play long enough, you understand that's the way it works."

The two had been teammates since Myers arrived from Denver via trade in 2008 and have since played in 70 regular season games together. Myers has seen players come and go but the hardest part is not knowing who will be affected each offseason.

"It's very unfortunate to see a couple guys go that have been here for a long time, especially O.D. his whole career and what he's done for his city and the type of quality guy that he is," Myers said. "On the other hand, you take a step back and you look at the business end. O.D. unfortunately understands it and he takes it in stride and he's moving on but that's just the way of the business."

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