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Chris Myers recalls free agency

The start of NFL free agency is fast-paced and exciting for fans and media, but it's a harrowing experience for players. Nine-year veteran Chris Myers has been on the free agency market twice, with Denver and Houston. Both times resulted in him being signed to the Texans.

"It's interesting," Myers said in an exclusive interview with Texans Radio. "After my first contract I was restricted out of Denver. They signed a trade. Coach Kubiak and Rick Smith worked the trade with Coach Shanahan out in Denver and I couldn't be more thankful for that. It changed my career and it changed my life and I owe it to them."

With Myers anchoring the line, the Texans had their four best offensive campaigns and had a top-four ranked offense from 2008-2010. In 2012, after starting 64-consecutive regular season games and two playoff games as center, Myers became a free agent when his contract was up once again. It was hard to think about leaving Houston where his career had taken off and he had made friends and raised a family.

"You want to stay with the team you've been with for a while because you settled here, we had kids here, that kind of stuff," Myers said. "But you understand that's the way of the business. Just in general, when you hit free agency I think you have to have that open-minded personality."

Though Myers wanted to stay, he was back on the market again. Like all free agents in the prime of their careers, he needed to start looking at other teams.

"I officially visited Tennessee for one and went down there," Myers said. "Bruce Matthews who was here for a couple years, had me down there. Great facilities, great team, great organization. But things worked out here and thankfully I was here for the next two years."

Since he signed that four-year contract in March 2012, Myers has proven to be one of the top centers in the league and a constant for the Texans offense. He currently holds the NFL's longest active consecutive games played streak for an offensive lineman (137) and active consecutive starts for a center (112).

Two Pro Bowls and 137 NFL games later, Myers is also a seasoned veteran who's savvy to the business side of football.

"You understand that Old Father Time's ticking and my time is eventually going be there," Myers said. "You just hope to be able to get your best play before that."

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