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Cochinita & co. gets Small Business Boost from Texans & Amegy Bank

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on small businesses across the world.

The Texans have three main goals as an organization: win championships, create memorable experiences and do great things for our community. With that third goal in mind, the Texans and Amegy Bank are promoting and assisting the small businesses that make the Houston community so great.

The Texans took nominations from fans, and awarded a Small Business Boost. Each winner gets $2,500 to support their immediate business needs, some free promotional assets from the Texans, an inclusion in the Texans 'Local Business Playbook', and an invitation to exclusive Amegy Bank Business Webinars and Events.

If you've been to a general store or farmers' market in the Houston area recently, you've probably run across something delicious prepared by Victoria Elizondo's Cochinita & co. In 2016, Elizondo started her business as a pop-up kitchen, and she prepared food for coffee shops and bars. By 2019, Cochinita & co. was humming along so well, that Elizondo opened up a brick and mortar location. But the COVID-19 pandemic forced Cochinita & co. to close, but Elizondo pivoted in 2020. She shifted the company's focus to manufacturing and selling prepared food items. She's so great at it, she won the 'Best Taco' award from the Houston Press in 2020. That publicity, along with a groundswell of support from faithful customers, saw Elizondo expand the business.

"We make our food from scratch with fresh ingredients," Elizondo said. "Thanks to the support of our customers we are now back to being open and serving our take on vibrant Mexican food daily under the same roof as Kickin's Local Market."

Elizondo was nominated for the award by Ms. Isaac Delcid, who detailed the adversity Elizondo's overcome the past five years.

"This business is owned by an immigrant woman that has worked so hard to keep her business afloat during various difficult times -- from Harvey to the pandemic," Delcid said. "Since the closing of her first brick and mortar she managed to keep the business going. Not only is she creating jobs for the community but she also collaborates with other local small business through events, charities and fundraising."

Elizondo's been able to create a slew of jobs in the community, and frequently collaborates with fellow small businesses through events, charities and fundraising. She's ecstatic about the award.

"Thank you to the Texans and Amegy Bank for this generous grant," Elizondo said. "This money will be greatly appreciated by our team as it will be invested in much needed equipment and a bonus for their hard work and dedication."

For more information, or to visit Cochinita & co, please click HERE.

The latest winner of the Houston Texans Small Business Boost presented by Amegy Bank is Cochinita & co. and owner Victoria. Cochinita and Co. is a woman- and immigrant-owned business that has managed to reinvent itself following the pandemic. Conchinita & co. is currently serving its take on vibrant Mexican food daily under the same roof as Kickin's Local Market. For winning, Cohinita & co. will receive a $2,500 grant and marketing support from the Texans. Through the Small Business Boost, the Texans and Amegy Bank have awarded $27,500 in grants to small businesses. Learn more here.

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