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Construction Update

As work escalates on Reliant Stadium, so does our coverage. will now post construction photos every two weeks.

The west supertruss has been completed and work on the lower roof structure has begun. During the weekend, the construction team will de-center the temporary towers and realign them on the east side to continue work on the east supertruss. The east supertruss is to be completed in the middle of November.

There is plenty of ongoing work on the north box truss, which will hold the scoreboard. The north truss is approximately 50 percent completed. Three out of four of the stair towers are completed and two ramps on the west side of the stadium are finished. Recently the southeast supercolumn was finished, placing all four supercolumns in the done category. Glass has been set in place on the north side of the building and plumbing has been installed. Sinks and toilets are working on the west side of the structure. Next week, Birdair Co. will begin work on the fabric portion of the roof.

Some move in dates for 2002 have already been set. The home locker room will be completed in May 2002 and administrative offices will be ready in June 2002, just in time for training camp in July.

There are currently more than 1,000 workers on the site.

The practice facility construction has been moving rapidly. In two weeks, the grass for the first field will be laid, and the Texans will be ready to start working out players by the end of August. Renovation of Reliant Astrodome will start next week and will be done by the middle of August.

Right outside of the Reliant Stadium construction site on Fannin Street, progress is being made on the light rail system construction. The rail lines will be completed in May 2002 and the entire system is scheduled to be in operation in February 2004, just in time for Houston to host Super Bowl XXXVIII.

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