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Construction Update

As work escalates on Reliant Stadium, so does our coverage. will now post construction photos every two weeks.

All 1,096,200 square feet of the stadium's elevated deck has been poured. Nearly 98 percent of the total concrete cubic yardage has also been poured. More than 93 percent of the 14,500 projected tons of reinforcing steel tonnage is in place. Meanwhile, about 70 percent of the structural precast pieces are set.

Along the west side of the stadium (flanking Kirby Drive). the supertruss steel erection, metal deck, handrails and slab-on metal deck is completed. The east side supertruss structural steel erection is 99 percent complete. The north box truss and fixed tri-chord erection is also complete. The barrel roof steel erection on the east side is still ongoing. The south end zone box truss false-work towers are being erected.

The excavation for the lower bowl is still ongoing. Quadrant A and D barrel roof and single ply roofing in the north end zone has started. The Quadrant A and D west supertruss fabric installation is ongoing, as is the fixed tri-chord fabric installation. The primary back-up steel in those quadrants is done. The back-up steel in Quadrants B and C is about 80 percent complete.

Metal studs and sheathing for the exterior facade has started in Quadrants A, B and D. Metal sub-roof and drywall is ongoing in all four quadrants. Exterior facade curtainwall has started in Quadrants A and D and the north end zone.

You can't see it from your car as you drive by the stadium, but the layout and drilling for the bowl seating has officially started. Reliant Stadium will seat 69,500 for Texans games.

There are currently more than 1,100 workers and office employees on the site.

Right outside of the Reliant Stadium construction site on Fannin Street, progress is being made on the light rail system construction. The rail lines will be completed in May 2002 and the entire system is scheduled to be in operation in February 2004, just in time for Houston to host Super Bowl XXXVIII.

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