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Construction Update

As work escalates on Reliant Stadium, so does our coverage. will now post construction photos every two weeks.

As Houston shifts gears to clean up after Tropical Storm Allison, construction on Reliant Stadium continues after minimum damage due to the floodwaters.

In fact, a major construction milestone was surpassed as the western supertruss was completed and work on the eastern supertruss has begun. The supertrusses are the frameworks that will support the retractable roof. The temporary towers that are supporting the supertruss will be removed, allowing the supertruss to sit on the permanent towers. When the temporary towers are removed, the weight of the supertruss will push the permanent towers outward approximately two feet. Work on the north truss, that will bridge the two supertrusses as well as support the scoreboard, will begin approximately late July and is scheduled to be finished in September.

The west side of the stadium is to be enclosed by August. The northwest, southwest and northeast stairs are completed. The northwest ramp is finished and concrete is being poured for the southwest ramp. With the ramps completed, carts and trucks can now travel on the ramps helping accelerate the construction process.

The walls, plumbing and air conditioning in the restrooms and concession stands on the west side main concourse are completed. Also, on the suite level, the plumbing and air conditioning has been installed. The first suite is to be completed in September. The walls for the press level and weight rooms have been erected and the walls for the team meeting rooms are being completed. The slab for the team offices has been poured. The club level areas are to be enclosed and have air conditioning by September.

The practice facility construction is also progressing smoothly. Seven acres has been cleared for parking and the first practice field will be finished near the end of August. The entire facility will be completed near Christmas.

Aside from the stadium and the practice facility construction, renovation of the locker rooms in the Astrodome will begin next month. The locker rooms will be temporarily used for players who will have workouts for next season.
There are currently 770 workers on the construction site.

Reliant Stadium is set to open in August of 2002 when the Texans host the Miami Dolphins in their first home preseason game. Houston will then host the Buccaneers the following week before embarking on its inaugural regular-season campaign.

Reliant Stadium will not only house the Texans, but will also serve as the host for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, beginning in 2003. And the stadium is slated to host Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004.

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