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Cooking with Dani


Dani with her multi-layer dip

On Friday, rookie Texans Cheerleader Dani showed that she's no novice in the kitchen. Dani fixed a party dish that she frequently makes for her friends at get-togethers.

"Today, I prepared a multi-layer dip and a non-alcoholic cocktail drink called the Tall Cool Juan," she said. "I'm like the party planner of the group, so I like to just get people together. I invite everyone over to my apartment and my best friend and I just do little things like this. And my friends are forced to eat it, and all of my other concoctions."

When hosting a party, speed and simplicity can be invaluable assets in food preparation. Dani explained why this dish fulfills both criteria.

"You can feed as many or as little people as you want," Dani said. "You can double the recipe if you need to.

"And you can get every ingredient at any grocery store. It's really easy, and it's quick and it's cheap."

The dip also can be as healthy as you want it to be.

"You can cut everything," Dani said. "The cheese can be fat free, the sour cream can be fat free, you can get low-fat guacamole and you can make the guacamole home-made which is even better.

"And that's really important for me as a Texans Cheerleader. I have to do what I like, but still maintain and be conscious of my figure."

It turns out Dani is not the only one who likes the recipe. Her mom, Bobbie, and friend, Justin, dropped by for a taste test. Mom enjoyed her sampling, and Justin, who doesn't even like sour cream, had no problem devouring several plates of chips and dip.

"It all blends together," he said. "I barely even noticed there's sour cream in there."

Dani has some advice on when Texans fans should make this appetizing dip and drink.

"It's great for a Texans game," she said enthusiastically. "If you can't make it to the stadium, it's great for everyone at home."

This is the third and final segment with Texans Cheerleaders that FSN Houston will air on Texans TV in August. Check back with to catch the video in the coming weeks!

Dani's Multi-Layer Dip and Tall Cool Juan

Multi-Layer Dip
Browned ground beef or turkey
Shredded cheese
Tomato (diced)
Green onions (diced)
Black olives (sliced)
Sour cream
Jalapeño and Rotel tomatoes (optional)

Layer a microwavable bowl half full with beef. Spread cheese over ¾ of it. Microwave for two minutes. Add guacamole layer, adding Rotel tomatoes if desired. Add sour cream layer. Add rest of ground beef and rest of cheese. Top off with tomato, green onion and olives, and jalapeños if desired.

Tall Cool Juan
2 teaspoons grenadine
¼ cup pineapple juice
¼ cup orange juice
¼ cup iced tea
Lemon for garnish

Put grenadine in bottom of glass. Add ice cubes. Add pineapple juice. Add orange juice. Add iced tea. Garnish with lemon.

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