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Davenport not holding back for LT spot

The Texans offensive line is undergoing a major facelift this offseason with at least four new starters.
Julién Davenport, now entering his second season, hopes to secure the left tackle position.

"The starts last season were definitely great to get the experience and get the opportunity to go out there and play against guys who have been playing in the league for years so I took that and ran with it," Davenport said on Texans Radio. "And now I'm trying to take this spot, left tackle, and run with it and never look back. So I'm looking to go into training camp and not hold back on anything and go 100 percent every day, every play and take this spot and basically solidify it."

Davenport saw action in 11 games with four starts during his rookie season. He had three starts at left tackle, including the final two games of the 2017 season. In his start against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Christmas Day, Davenport helped pave the way for a season-high 176 rushing yards with his performance.

"That was actually my favorite football team growing up so it was a good game for me and to be able to start against them on Christmas," Davenport said. "Everybody was – I would say – a little more hyped for me than I was but I was just hyped to have the opportunity to play and start in the game and it was amazing. I thought I played a good game and went out there and fought hard."

The Texans will begin organized team activities (OTAs) at the Houston Methodist Training Center next week.

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