David Carr: First and Ten

*Editors Note: First and Ten with David Carr first appeared in the Dec. 31 edition of Houston Texans Gameday Magazine.


*1-What was your welcome to the NFL moment?

*"It was probably just the energy in Reliant Stadium the day of the Dallas Cowboys game (The first game in Texans franchise history). It was pretty sweet, I remember that a lot."

*2-Who was your favorite player growing up?

*"Probably Troy Aikman or Brett Favre, one of those two guys."

*3-Who's the fastest guy on the team?


*"Me, by far, definitely (smiling)."

*4-What would you be doing if you weren't a football player?

*"Probably playing baseball or golf, something involving a ball."

*5-Why did you pick your jersey number?

*"I enjoyed watching Troy Aikman growing up, he probably had a lot to do with that."

*6-If you had a superpower what would it be?

*"I would want to fly, definitely, no doubt about it."

*7-What don't you like about being an NFL player?

*"Waking up on Monday morning, sometimes that can be pretty tough."

*8- What's the best part of


*"The weather, I just love how hot it is. Also, I just think the people, small town atmosphere, that's another thing I like about it."

*9- What's your favorite TV Show?

*"I like 'House', I watch that quite a bit."

*10- What's your biggest fear?

*"Probably losing, I hate losing."

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