David Quessenberry: "I will be back out there"

Offensive lineman David Quessenberry was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma on June 10, 2014.

One year later, he's officially in remission and could be soon returning to football.

"I come in here, I lift, I work out before the team does in the morning," Quessenberry said Monday. "I go to meetings, go out for practice. I'm not cleared to play yet, but I'm on the other field pushing the sleds, running, and doing those things working on getting my strength and stamina back. Then come in here for meetings in the afternoon and taking care of anything else that needs to be done before I get out of here."

Until his doctors clear the 24-year-old to practice, Quessenberry remains optimistic about his return. Currently in remission, Quessenberry has no timetable, taking things day-by-day and steadily gaining weight. He's gained about 20 of the 40 pounds he lost during chemotherapy and radiation.

"I would say that this season is a possibility," head coach Bill O'Brien said. "I would not rule it out. I would not rule it out, but we haven't come to that determination yet. He's here every day. He's not allowed to be out there as far as in the practice, but he's out there. You guys see him out there. He's in all the meetings. He can lift weight. I just think it's an unbelievable story. It says a lot about him. It says a lot about our organization, I think, that we've stuck by him."

Whatever the timetable may be, for Quessenberry it's a matter of when, not if, he lines up with teammates and plays football once again.

"I will be back out there," Quessenberry said. "That will be a special day. I've been through a lot. That's something that's been a vision of mine throughout this whole process."

The Houston Texans selected Quessenberry as the 2014 Ed Block Courage Award winner. Recipients are selected by a vote of their teammates to recognize extra efforts both on and off the field and their ability to overcome great adversity.

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