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DeAndre Hopkins reaches 1,000 career yards

With Sunday's performance against the New York Giants, DeAndre Hopkins eclipsed 1,000-yard mark and now has 1,029 career receiving yards.

"I mean it was a great individual performance, but you know it really doesn't mean nothing if my team doesn't get the win, so you know all that's out the door," Hopkins said after the game.

The second-year wide receiver caught six passes for a game-high 116 yards, leading his position group in the Texans 30-17 loss. He averaged 19.3 yards per catch, including a deep 49-yarder that set up a fourth quarter touchdown drive. Hopkins also made a one-handed leaping catch for 53 yards in the second quarter, but it was negated by a penalty.

"Well it was one - and you know it's designed if it's one - to kind of throw it up to me and Fitz [Ryan Fitzpatrick] made a great throw and I just came down with the catch," Hopkins said. "I kind of jumped early so I knew I wasn't able to get two hands on it, so I just put up one hand and it was a great ball."

The last time Hopkins had a 100-yard game was in Week 3 against Tennessee in 2013. Hopkins had 117 yards in that game which included overtime.

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