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DeAndre Hopkins surpasses 2013 in just 4 games

DeAndre Hopkins set career highs after scoring the lone offensive touchdown for the Texans in their 23-17 win over Buffalo. Hopkins, who had two touchdowns as a rookie in 2013, now has three scores through four games this season.

In Sunday's game, the second-year receiver brought down a 35-yard catch from Ryan Fitzpatrick with just 0:57 remaining in the first half.

"Fitz (Fitzpatrick) made an adjustment at the line," Hopkins said. "He saw that we were man-to-man outside and he gave both the outside guys go routes. At first, I wasn't sure if I was going to get it, so I just kept running. I was hoping he would put it up. The defensive back had eyes in the backfield the whole play. Fitz put it right over his head. It was a great ball."

Hopkins was flagged on his touchdown celebration, one that involved him diving on the ground in the endzone following the score.

"The celebration is called the 'deadfish,'" Hopkins said. "It is highly known in soccer. A lot of soccer players do that after they score a goal."

Hopkins finished with five catches for a team-best 64 yards, including the touchdown.

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