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DeepSlant: Family feuds and rodeos, y'all

For months J.J. Watt has been talking about his preparation (or lack thereof) of being an uncle.

The big day finally came this month with the arrival of little Logan Watt. Both J.J. and T.J., while super competitive on the field, showed that they were consistent - if nothing else - when it came to their duties as uncles to brother Derek's newborn baby.

Side note: It sure does seem like the Watts like to punctuate their comebacks with generic names for each other: Guy, Chief, Pal.

So, J.J. arrives and posts a similar picture. More debating ensues.

So for those of you scoring: T.J. arrived first, but J.J. probably wins the baby-holding contest. So, let's call it a tie. I mean, geez, that never happens with the Watt brothers.

Don't mess with Texas

Deshaun Watson is soooo Houston now. How excited is this city over how Houstony/Houstonier/Houstonianier, No. 4 is becoming? From kicking off this year's Downtown Rodeo Parade as Grand Marshall…

To moshing with fans at homegrown rapper Travis Scott's concert, Watson is really enjoying his status as the Texans starting quarterback and Houstonian.

But seriously, what if we made a competition about who's more Texany/Texanier/Texananier?


This one's tough. Let's just call it a tie, Chief.

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