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DeepSlant: Stars, they're just like us 

The No. 1 rule of traveling is to be very stressed before the trip even begins. Are you even going anywhere fun if you're not frantic when you leave the house?

For instance, playing that mental game on the way to the airport is mandatory. You run through a list of items that you could have forgotten to pack: phone, ID, keys, money, chargers, jacket, shoes, laptop, the entire suitcase etc. etc. until you reach the airport and it's too late to go back for anything.

Justin Reid plays a version of this game, only he runs through his mental checklist AFTER he's already at the airport. Sounds fun, right?

Oh no.

Now it's time for a full-blown panic attack. Unless...

Ok, how does he have time for a picture when HE'S GOING TO MISS HIS FLIGHT?

(Narrator: Justin did not miss his flight.)

Bon Voyage!

J.J. Watt loves golf. He took a little trip to Austin last week.

Watt says his football intangibles don't translate to the golf course. Hard to believe but is Watt just like the rest of us at golf???

Deshaun Watson is also doing very normal things.

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eatin’ Crêpes take me way in London ..

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With some coffee in Venice...

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Chatting with the locals in Austria...

Riding off into the sunset...

P.S. Don't forget your wallet!

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