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Defense looking to improve in the red zone

While Houston's defense ranks first in the league in areas such as total yards allowed, net passing yards allowed, and percentage of forced three-and-outs, the red zone scoring by opponents has been a hot topic.

"It's got to be a real point of emphasis," Ed Reed said. "It's about executing and knowing what we have done wrong down there and not do those things. We've made a lot of corrections, technique stuff. It's really got to be a point of emphasis and really driven in our heads to keep them out of the end zone and give them field goals. If we can do that, we'll really be a contender. Right now, it's about fixing those mistakes that we have."

In 22 trips to the red zone this season, the Texans defense has allowed sixteen touchdowns (six rushing, ten passing) and four successful field goals. Opposing teams have scored an average of 86.4 percent of the time of trips to the red zone. Outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus believes precision is key inside the 20-yard line. Even a small breakdown on defense can have a domino effect.

"It just comes down to either one guy missing his assignment or something like that," Mercilus said. "If somebody missed one of their assignments, it screws the entire defense up. We've just got to get those things corrected. We've just got to play more stout. At the end of the day, that's basically what the defense is."


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