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Defense takes responsibility for role in loss

After the Texans' 34-3 loss at San Francisco, the defense searched for answers to help put a stop to the team's three-game losing skid.

"Confidence is a team thing," Brian Cushing said after the game. "We need to just get all together as one unit, not just offense (or) defense, and just start playing together as a team and not worrying about one day offense isn't doing it or one day defense isn't doing it. Just picking each other up, having each other's back, and just playing as if it's a collective unit."

The Texans entered the game with a minus-4 turnover differential but ended it at minus-8, adding three interceptions and one fumble. In 2012, the Texans were an astonishing plus-12, ranking seventh in the NFL. On Sunday night, the defense was unable to force any turnovers against the 49ers.

"We're not getting any, Cushing said. "They've been giving it up but we're not getting any. That's not helping anyone so yeah, there's a stress to get the ball back, get the big plays that we haven't been making. But, it's a collective effort, overall we're just not getting it done right now."

Colin Kaepernick had just 113 yards passing, 64 of which came on one play. The defense reflected on other big plays that could have changed the course of the game or, at the very least, altered it. Reed recalled a chance for an interception during the game.

"We had ample enough opportunities, including myself," Ed Reed said. "The ball tipped my hand on that one, that one. You know, I got to make that play to get the offense back out on the and there's many plays we could have made too."

J.J. Watt had three tackles for a loss and three quarterback hits, but discussed the 27 points that came while the defense was on the field. Ten points came on a short field for the 49ers, following an interception and fumble by the offense.

"We need to keep points off the board," Watt said. "We need to regroup after a situation like that and we need to fight and tonight we did not prevail and that's that."


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