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Defensive line coach Bill Kollar returns to practice


Bill Kollar was back at practice on Thursday afternoon, and naturally, he was happy to be on the field instead of a hospital room.

"Awesome," Kollar said when asked to describe how it felt to return. "It's really tough; it's almost like you're totally away from it when you're not there at the game. It really is a really funny feeling.

The Texans' assistant head coach/defensive line coach was sent to a Chicago hospital before Sunday night's game against the Bears because of blood clots in his lungs and calves. He was treated there, but didn't fly home to Houston until Wednesday afternoon. He was a welcome sight this morning at the Methodist Training Center.

"It woke everybody up," defensive coordinator Wade Phillips said. "It's great to have him back. All of you know he's a tremendous coach, and he got a big hand when he was in the meeting today from the players for him returning. We're obviously glad he's back and going to be OK."

Head coach Gary Kubiak was happy to have Kollar back as well, and said the assistant's health was most important. But seeing the 24-year NFL coaching veteran also brought a charge of "energy" which was appreciated by Kubiak and the players.

"It sure is fun to have him back at practice and out there griping today, so it was good," Kubiak said.

Kollar, who said he's had blood clots in the past, went through knee surgery a few weeks ago and was taking blood thinner medication for 10 days afterwards.

"Unfortunately, though, it didn't work quite as well as we had hoped and the blood clots occurred," Kollar said.

Before the game at Soldier Field, Kollar said he "had a hard time breathing." He was transported by ambulance to the hospital where he underwent testing and treatment. In the process, he missed the bulk of a game in which the Texans' defense didn't allow a touchdown.

"I was over at the hospital at the start of the game and I kept telling them I wanted a TV and they didn't have any down in the emergency room," Kollar said. "So I never really got to see it until the fourth quarter started, but obviously I was really excited the way the game went and to get the win like that was sure awesome." Kollar worked in meetings with the defensive staff on Wednesday afternoon, starting around 3 p.m.

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