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Houston Texans

DeMeco Drops: 'In Baltimore, I promise that we will have a quarterback out there'


Head Coach DeMeco Ryans

On the quarterback situation

"Yeah, the quarterbacks will rotate as we did in the spring – nothing has changed there."

On how long he anticipates rotating quarterbacks

"We'll see. We'll see. When the time comes for to declare someone as a starter, we'll do that when it's the right time for us."

On what he has seen from the tight ends

"The tight ends have been doing really [well] throughout the spring and throughout training camp. Just all the guys there – Dalton Schultz, Mason Schreck, with Brevin Jordan as well, we have a lot of good guys there and guys who also serve as that dual threat. Right, guys who are really good in the passing game – guys we can count on, but also our guys have been working on the run-blocking. That's going to be paramount to our success on offense – our tight ends and their ability to block in the run game."

On what it is going to take to determine who will be the starting quarterback

"We'll see. When that time comes, it'll be the best guy that I feel like is going to lead our team in the proper way, and that ultimately gives us the best opportunity to go out there and be as successful as we can be."

On his timeline for naming a starting quarterback

"We'll see. In Baltimore, I promise that we will have a quarterback out there."

On how much time he spent with CB Derek Stingley Jr. over the summer and what he's seen from him so far

"Yeah, Derek has been great. Came in and looked great – great shape in the offseason, in the spring and now out here in training camp. It's just great to see him just training himself – physically, mentally – and just competing with every rep that he gets. He still has a lot to continue to work on, and he's getting there. He's going to be a very important piece of what we do on defense and with all our guys, it's a challenge, right? Physically, mentally – to make sure you're grinding and to be your absolute best each rep."

On if there was anything specifically that he wanted CB Derek Stingley Jr. to accomplish over the summer


On how acclimated he is getting to be on the offensive side of the ball

"Oh, yeah, that's part of the process, right? We're making sure that our offense is working efficiently, and it's great from our practice today – like how our offense came out yesterday wasn't as clean as it should have been. Credit to our coaches and players who came out today – they operated in an efficient manner. It was really good to see how they were on schedule – everything was really good offensively today. And defense, too. It was just a really solid practice on both sides, and that's what it should feel like."

On if he interjects and tells the offense what to look for

"Oh, yeah. Just right now, during our pressure period right there, I had a conversation with Scott Quessenberry and we were talking about different looks that we give on the defense and what's the thought process behind those looks. For me to explain to him on the offensive side how we're trying to attack them, what we're looking for – just so hopefully that helps them as a player. So, if he sees some different things, hopefully that can help him understand it and be able to sort things out very quickly."

On WR John Metchie III's return and what he's brought to the team

"John Metchie III can bring a dynamic element to our offense. I think he's a dynamic playmaker with the ball in his hands. Watching him there at Alabama, you know, the plays that he made – it's in him. He just has to get back to playing football. It's been a long time since he actually played, so it's encouraging to see him out and encouraging to see him continuing to get batter. I'm definitely looking forward to him being a dynamic playmaker for us."

On what it's like having DT Maliek Collins on his defense and what sets him apart

"With our front, I think credit to Maliek [Collins]. Maliek has been here all offseason working with us. He's been very accountable, dependable to his teammates, and he's been working on our different fronts that we run with the three-technique and the two-eye. Maliek has always done a great job of disrupting the quarterback by penetrating, so he's going to be a disruptive player for us. He's done it in his past, and we expect him to continue to build on what he's done."

On what he's seen from WR Noah Brown and what he wants from him

"From Noah [Brown], I've seen consistency. He's been the same guy from the first day of OTA's, even to now. Making that catch today, it's not surprising because he's done it so many times. I think what Noah does is he just builds trust from the quarterback. If you're a quarterback and you put it in the vicinity of Noah, he's going to stretch out and make that play for you when you need to count on him. That's what we want – guys who are accountable, guys who are dependable, and you build that trust, that chemistry with your quarterback, and I think that's what Noah brings to our team."

On what areas he has seen LB Christian Harris improve in over the off season and if he has spent any time learning all three linebacker spots

"With Christian [Harris] he's been really dialed in mentally and to see how he came back in training camp – the game has slowed down for him is what I've seen and his growth from OTAs to now. The game has slowed down, he's able to process things much quicker and be able to utilize his speed and playmaking ability. So, seeing that growth, seeing the trajectory of where he's headed is encouraging and it's exciting to see."

On what he's seen from TE Dalton Schultz

"Dalton is another guy similar to Noah Brown – just a consistent play-maker for us. He does things exactly the right way. He operates with the proper precision with running his routes, with his catching, operating on getting vertical after – the way he finishes his catches. Everything has been consistent with Dalton, and he's been a true leader for us on the offensive side."

On how much improvement he has seen on the field

"Yes, sir, I mean, from today, just seeing it on the field today from where we were yesterday, I know that we made that improvement. That's our expectations each and every day – to make those improvements, so I know today was a successful day because we took a step in the right direction as a team."

On the challenge of making sure the wide receivers get enough reps

"It all depends on what each guy can handle, so I look at it like every guy is different. Some guys have been in it, been in the system before – they can handle a little more. It's all about just making sure that guys are in position to where they can operate as fast as they can possibly go."

[question at 7:10-16]

"We'll see how his chest looks when it comes time to diagnose those plays."

On the criteria of the quarterback who takes the first snaps in the first preseason game

"It's the same with the quarterback – when the time comes everybody will see. I don't have that answer for you right now for New England or Baltimore, so we'll see when we get there."

On RB Devin Singletary impact

"Again, same. Impact has been there for Devin [Singletary]. Consistent – a guy who we feel like can definitely add some value to our offense. His pass-catching ability has been great, right along with his running ability, so it's good to have Devin. A veteran guy who's made plays in this league, a guy you can count on."

On what he's seen from the secondary

"From today what I saw was guys attacking the ball and playing with that ball-hawk mentality. That's what I want from our secondary. That's how it should look today, that's how it should look each and every day. That's what our focus is – taking the ball away. So, if our secondary is as good as they can actually be, it will look like that. Multiple plays on the ball."

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