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DeVier Posey Rookie Diary: Excited for first game



The second week of training camp went well. You learn a lot as you go through. You just gotta roll with the punches and take everything as a learning experience and just try to get better. I've been having fun getting to know the guys and getting to know everybody. It's been a great opportunity.

I feel like I've been getting better as time goes on. I'm just trying to take it in stride and just get better day by day and learn whatever I've got to learn.

I've been staying after practice for a few minutes pretty much every day. I'm just trying to make sure I have sure hands. In this league, the window of opportunity is so small, you want to make sure you catch everything and make big plays. So you just try to do that repetitively over and over again to make sure that it's natural once the lights come on.

I did that in college, too. I used to stay after practice, catch the JUGS, make sure the hands are on point. I remember there was a point in my career, people said I didn't have sure hands, so I just wanted to make that a strong part of my game. I feel like I've been doing pretty well at that; I've just got to stay on it.

A lot of times when I'm working after practice, it's with Lestar Jean. We're both just trying to get better, trying to push each other and do small things to become a better player. I've obviously learned a lot from Andre Johnson, too. You try to take everything he says to heart and learn everything he tells you, and when he talks, just make sure you listen.

Our first game is coming up on Saturday. I'm excited. I'm ready to play, man. I just want to show the veterans the coaches that I'm ready. It's a game, no matter if it's preseason, no matter what. You're going against another opponent and you just want to give them your best. My mom and a couple of my cousins that live in Atlanta are going to drive over to Carolina, so it'll be good to see them, too.

I've only been here for a few months, but you can tell football is one of the best things about Texas. Texans fans show great love. They always come out and they're cheering loud, and it's good to see them in the morning when we're feeling tired during training camp. We really appreciate them because they get us going. We have great fans here, and I'm just excited to play my heart out for you guys.

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