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DeVier Posey Rookie Diary: Near emergency CB, fan travel



Our last game at Tennessee was another big win. Anytime you play someone twice a year, division rival, the sweep is rare, so we wanted to make sure we went into their place and did what we always do on the road. We had that complete road focus and closed ranks like we always do and fill in for other people. I feel like we did that pretty well. I feel like our defense played good. It was something special to watch, those young guys to come in and record statistically the best game for our defense as far as turnovers go. That was pretty special.

I heard Coach (Gary) Kubiak say after the game that I might have had to go in at corner because of all the injuries we had. Like I've always said, I'd do anything for this team. A lot of people might laugh, but I would have went out there seriously and really tried to play hard. I'd try to make tackles, break passes up if I had the chance. I played some corner in high school, had a couple pick sixes, and in college, I would play in practice and one-on-ones just to help the team out. I wouldn't have been opposed to it. If that's what needed to happen, that's what would have happened. My brother is a corner for the Dolphins. I texted him after the game and told him, and he was laughing saying, "That's probably the funniest thing I've heard all week."

It's pretty cool to see all the Texans fans traveling to our games on the road. What I've learned from Houston is it's a great sports city to play in, man. It has the Southern hospitality vibe mixed with a great passion for Texas football. I feel like we get the end of that. We get nice people who love football, and they're going to travel and support you. To me, I think that's pretty special. This franchise is starting to get on the right foot now and we've got things going. I'm just happy to be a part of it and be able to put that uniform on just because of the support.

I think the new letterman jackets we got as a team are a sweet idea. It's kind of funny because no team really has those. We paid for them out of our own pocket and everybody was on board for getting them. There was no second-guessing this idea. But I think they look kind of sweet, man. It's a pretty nice look when everybody wears them.

I've seen many classic games played in Foxboro, but I've never even been to the stadium or seen the whole environment up there. They say it's going to be a playoff environment, so I'm excited to see it. I'm excited to see the focus we take to that game and how we're going to play.

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