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DeVier Posey's best week ever

DeVier Posey had his best week ever.

On Saturday night, the wide receiver started because Andre Johnson didn't suit up for the game.

Later that evening, he found the end zone.

But best of all, he became a father on Wednesday.

His girlfriend gave birth to son, Drue Stewart Posey on August 13. It's changed his entire outlook on football.

"It's put a lot of things into perspective for you, family and football," Posey said. "It's life-changing. All those passes I catch and all the route running I do is for a purpose and it's bigger than myself. And just being able to realize it this week is pretty eye-opening.  It's a gift from God."

Posey's lone catch of the day versus Atlanta was big one. He hauled in an eight-yard touchdown pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick with 19 seconds remaining in the second quarter.

"It just felt like something we ran in practice," Posey said. "Of course it's a game-time situation but, at the same time, the amounts of time we've done it, some have been successful, some we failed at. But just trying to have a calm, cool head, and execute our plays and just know what we're doing .We always talk about being our best in that situation and I felt like that's what we tried to go and do tonight."

A well-rested Posey caught up on some much-needed sleep Friday night at the team hotel. He plans to do more of that following the Texans 32-7 win over Atlanta. Getting a win felt good, especially after the disappointment lingering from last season.

"I took a long shower to wash that stink off," Posey said, laughing after the game.  "A lot has happened since we won. I had a kid. It feels good."

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