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Dolphins beat writer previews game


The wide receiver tandem of Kevin Walter and Andre Johnson could give the Dolphins' defense fits on Sunday.

Miami Dolphins beat writer Armando Salguero of The Miami Herald joined Nick Scurfield of for an exclusive interview to preview the Texans-Dolphins Week 6 matchup at Reliant Stadium.

Salguero, who has worked nationally for ESPN, has covered the Dolphins since 1990.

Nick Scurfield: Are the Dolphins, a team that won one game last year, for real? Or are their wins a product of a gimmicky offense that caught teams off-guard?

Armando Salguero:Actually, the Dolphins of a year ago are not around any more. The Dolphins brought in 47 new players during training camp and there are only about a dozen holdovers from that team contributing on this team. As to whether they win because they have a gimmick look at times on offense, that is not true. The Dolphins have used the Wildcat package 17 times in two games and have not used it about 115 plays in that time.

Nick Scurfield: What makes the Wildcat offense so effective?

Armando Salguero:The Dolphins have unique personnel in that Ronnie Brown is very versatile as the triggerman. Also, their offensive line has executed quite well out of the package and that, at the core, is the reason the Wildcat package has succeeded.

{QUOTE}Nick Scurfield:Do you expect to see any new wrinkles in the offense this weekend?

Armando Salguero:Yes.

Nick Scurfield:How critical has Ronnie Brown been to the team's success so far?

Armando Salguero:Ronnie Brown is the team's MVP at the quarter-point of the season. It is no coincidence the team has not lost since he was inserted as the starter.

Nick Scurfield:Tony Sparano and Chad Pennington both praised Jake Long in their conference calls with the Houston media this week. How do you expect Long to fare against Mario Williams?

Armando Salguero: I would be surprised if either Sparano or Pennington were to disparage their prized rookie. I believe Mario Williams will be Long's stiffest test to date.

Nick Scurfield: How similar is Miami defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni's defense to the Cowboys' scheme? Dallas gave Houston and quarterback Matt Schaub fits in the early goings of their preseason game in August.

Armando Salguero: Very similar, almost identical. The Dolphins do not have the personnel the Cowboys have, however.

Nick Scurfield: What do the Texans do well that will present challenges for the Dolphins?

Armando Salguero: The Texans have two very good, very strong, very big wide receivers. The Dolphins have struggled against those types of receivers for years.

Nick Scurfield: What's your prediction for the score?

Armando Salguero: It's the NFL. I have no earthly idea.

Armando Salguero has covered South Florida sports for 25 years, starting as a 19-year-old in 1982. He's covered the Dolphins since 1990 and hosts a Dolphins hour show every weeknight 7-8 on 790 TheTicket ( Check out his Dolphins coverage on the *The Miami Herald's website by clicking ***here***.

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