Drew's Dirty Dozen: 12Q with C Nick Martin

1)DD: The mountains or the beach?

MARTIN: Mountains, no doubt. I just love it. They're beautiful. I have family in Kentucky, Tenneesse, the Smoky Mountains, loved it. Had a few vacations there.

2)DD: Are those your favorite mountains?

MARTIN: I don't know if there's a different set. We went out west a lot, growing up. Load up the minivan and drove. We never really flew anywhere. Us three brothers and my parents. We did a lot of trips like that.

3)DD: We had a minivan growing up, too. Had wood paneling. With your brothers, what was the seating arrangement?

MARTIN: They had the bucket seats, and then I was thrown in the back. I could lay down a little bit. They were too big. I was the smallest growing up, being the youngest. They wanted the bucket seats, but I could slap them upside the head, or do whatever. It worked out.

4)DD: You've been married a year. Where'd you go on your honeymoon?

MARTIN: We went to Thailand, actually. We did everything. We went to Bangkok and did the big city. Went to Chiang Mai, which is more nature and rural, really cool. Elephants, temples, all that stuff. Great sightseeing. Then we went down to Phuket where the beach scene was. We kind of did it all.

5)DD: You're a big dude. How did the people in Thailand react when they saw you?

MARTIN: They would laugh. Every time we were ordering meals, and you order the tall beer or the short beer, or ask for another plate of food, they'd just giggle at me and keep going.

6)DD: Pizzas, hamburgers, or tacos?

MARTIN: Cheeseburger.

7)DD: What goes on the perfect cheeseburger?

MARTIN: Lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, ketchup. American cheese.

8)DD: How's it cooked?

MARTIN: Medium.

9)DD: What's the dessert after a cheeseburger meal?

MARTIN: Probably cookies and cream ice cream. A milkshake. Something like that.

10)DD: You listen to any music before games to help you get going?

MARTIN: Yeah, I do. A little bit of everything. I start off with country. I like country. It kind of calms me down. I don't get too revved up too fast. Then I kind of rev it up towards the end.

11)DD: If you weren't playing football, what would your career be?

MARTIN: I get asked that question a lot. I don't know. I got a business degree from Notre Dame. There's a lot of firemen in my family. Maybe that. But I love ball. That's what I do.

12)DD: Who's your funniest teammate?

MARTIN: (ILB Benardrick McKinney) B-Mac. He's a clown, he's funny. Everything he does is funny.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: You watched a little wrestling when you were growing up. Who was your favorite?

MARTIN: Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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