Drew's Dirty Dozen: 12Q with NT D.J. Reader

1) DD: D.J., you like barbecue. What are your two meats and two sides when you're getting a plate?

Reader: I'm a chopped barbecue guy, being from Carolina. So, some straight chopped pulled pork. Then ribs. Pork ribs. I don't really like beef ribs. They're all right. They're a little too tender. Two sides? Mac and cheese and baked beans.

2) DD: Any sauces on the meats?

Reader: Sweet sauce. I'm a sweet and spicy kind of guy. Vinegar based. Or mustard based. It doesn't really bother me. I get down with both of them.

3) DD: What's the dessert after a barbecue dinner/lunch?

Reader: Bread pudding. Apple pie and ice cream. Peach cobbler. Or sweet potato casserole.

4) DD: Many of the rookies have to sing during their rookie skits in training camp. You're obviously in the audience, so which rookie is the best singer?

Reader: I might go with (DE) Charles Omenihu. I heard him sing a little bit. He said he could sing. (NT) Javi Edwards can sing too.

5) DD: Which songs get you ready for gameday, and for practice?

Reader: Of course, I listen to 'Go DJ' by Lil Wayne. I've really been in my Future bag lately. Gunna. Money Man. He's rising. So those are my artists. I don't really have songs, per se, but you swing through those four and I'll probably have something come out of there.

6) DD: Is defensive end Brandon Dunn still at an elite level as the Texans locker room DJ?

Reader: Yeah, he's great as a DJ. We're always seeing eye-to-eye. We've got that chemistry. I'm his hype man. I'm his MC and he's the DJ.

7) DD: And Deshaun Watson still adds to the mix, right?

Reader: Deshaun's got good taste in music. Deshaun knows all the songs. He's usually chill. He's like our guest DJ appearance, and every time the guest DJ shows up, he does a good job.

8) DD: Are there any other guest DJ's?

Reader: Oh yeah. Wood comes in there, (LB) Xavier Woodson. (OL) Seantrel (Henderson) comes and DJ's. That's about it.

9) DD: I've been told Seantrel Henderson is sneakily one of the funniest Texans. Is that true?

Reader: He's hilarious. Seantrel's hilarious. He's got a lot of jokes. He's very sarcastic.

10) DD: If you weren't playing football, what would your career be?

Reader: Probably a high school athletic director. I don't know if I want to coach ball, immediately. But athletic director, I think I could get into that.

11) DD: Rank the DJ's. D.J. Reader. D.J. Tanner from 'Full House'. The actor D.J. Qualls from the movie 'Road Trip'. D.J. Lemahieu the baseball player. And DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Reader: I'll go D.J. Reader. DJ Jazzy Jeff. D.J. Lemahieu. D.J. Tanner. And then the skinny guy from the movie.

12) DD: You were on the baseball team at Clemson. Ever talk baseball with tight end Jordan Akins, who played four years of minor league ball in the Texas Rangers' system?

Reader: Not that much. But when we do, it's a deep conversation.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: Who's the first person you call after you finish playing in a game?

Reader: My mom. She's pretty tough on me. She's a competitor. My mom's a top-notch competitor, she's real tough.

The Houston Texans Cheerleaders performed alongside Junior Cheerleaders before the Texans took on the Lions at NRG Stadium!

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