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Drew's Dirty Dozen: Q&A with DE Brandon Dunn

1)DD: How has the music been here in Green Bay at practice?

Dunn: It's been okay. Way different from ours, but they still play some good hits here. They switch it up. But I haven't been worried about the music, I've been worried about the work.

2)DD: How has the work gone?

Dunn: Work's been good. We got some good quality work in against a different opponent, and a different scheme. But other than that, the weather: I think that's a plus. We're not in the sauna anymore.

3) DD: What do you do to cool off after a practice in Houston?

Dunn: Cold tub, and literally sit in your locker and get your life back together.

4) DD: What are the ways you get your life back together?

Dunn: Sit about and bring up memories from before practice. When you're down there in Houston, and the only thing you're thinking about is practicing and you're mentally drained and you're like 'Well, let me come back to regular life for a little bit in my locker.' So you start thinking about other stuff.

5) DD: So it's been a little bit quicker about getting your life back together up here, right?

Dunn: Yeah. It's been a lot quicker. There have been no mental talks. No 'Wooo, it's hot here.' Haven't had to worry about the heat.

6) DD: Since you have the aux cable in the locker room, you're 'D.J. Dunny'. What are two or three tracks that get the team pumped up?

Dunn: King Von and Lil Durk 'Crazy Story, 2.0'. I like Lil Baby and 'Freestyle'. And 'March Madness' by Future. Those three there, they can get any situation going.

7) DD: What songs do you play to calm everybody down?

Dunn: Teddy Pendergrass and 'Love T.K.O.'. And we're going to go with the Isley Brothers' 'Between the Sheets'. That's a Throwback Thursday cool down situation.,

8) DD: So what's a Friday song or two?

Dunn: Friday's are a little bit of a fast pace. So it'd be a mixture of old school and it's a mixture of gameday. So you can get the same songs I just said, and sprinkle in some different ones. I like Kevin Gates' 'Great Man'. I like playing it on Fridays and Sundays.

9) DD: You've had teammates sneak in and play some of their own choices. What are some songs that will get you banned for life from the aux cable?

Dunn: You can't play Miley Cyrus. Shout out to Miley, but that's not locker room material.

10) DD: So, no 'Party in the U.S.A.'?

Dunn: No 'Party in the U.S.A.'. No Ed Sheeran. It's pretty straight forward.

11) DD: What would 10-year old Brandon Dunn say to you if he saw what you'd become?

Dunn: "Man, you look good." I was big at 10 years old. Let's go out and say it. "You put down the chicken tenders and fries. You started listening to your parents. You started working out. "

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