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Drew's Dirty Dozen: Q&A w/Briean Boddy-Calhoun

1) DD: How do you pronounce your first name?

Boddy-Calhoun: Bree-in. Like Brian, but Bree-in. If we were spelling it phonetically, it would be B-R-E-E-dash-I-N. So it's Bree-in.

2) DD: What's been the best part of moving to Houston after spending most of your life in Delaware, then Minnesota and then Cleveland?

Boddy-Calhoun: The best part, I would say, is being around the competitive group, and the weather. Even though it's so hot, everywhere I've been before has been cold. It's going to be nice to have a breezy fall and a breezy winter.

3 )DD: How have you dealt with the Houston heat and humidity?

Boddy-Calhoun: Water. A whole lot of water. Bananas are good. Eat a lot of fruit. Smoothies. It's all about staying hydrated. If I'm not getting five bottles of water in, I'm definitely going to feel it the next day.

4) DD: You're definitely from the Delaware/Maryland/Pennsylvania area, because of the way you pronounce the word 'water'.

Boddy-Calhoun: Wutter?

5) DD: You grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. So did defensive lineman Angelo Blackson. What's your history with him?

Boddy-Calhoun: AAU basketball, seventh and eighth grade. Angelo was probably about 6-4, 6-5 and 200 pounds. Definitely the post. He was just as nasty then as he is now in the trenches. If he played basketball now, he'd use all six (fouls) in the NBA.

6) DD: Were you a point guard or a shooting guard?

Boddy-Calhoun: It depends on the game. Usually I was running the point. I could play the two guard, it just depended on how the game was. If we needed an extra ball-handler, I would stay in the backcourt.

7) DD: Who's your all-time favorite basketball player?

Boddy-Calhoun: LeBron James.

8) DD: Is it true you started a record label?

Boddy-Calhoun: I did. I started a record label last year. We're looking to sign a few artists here.

9) DD: What's your Mount Rushmore of hip-hop artists?

Boddy-Calhoun: Wiz Khalifa. J.Cole. Lauryn Hill. And Jay Z.

Check out some of the best shots from Day 8 of training camp in Houston.

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