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Drew's Dozen: 12Q with CB & special teamer Keion Crossen

1. DD) Jahleel Addae told me you're a minister. Is that true?

Crossen: Yeah. I've been pursuing ministry since I was about 12. Right after college I was ordained. I received my minister's license. So I get to marry peopled and speak the word of God. It's been an awesome experience. I did my first sermon on Easter Sunday of this year.

2. DD) So speaking in public is no problem for you then, correct?

Crossen: Not at all. It's like being yourself when you're in ministry. You have a bigger purpose that you have to relate, and it can't be opinionated. It has to be fact and truth. Just like if you're talking with me now.

3. DD) What was your first job?

Crossen: Dollar General. Summer job. I was packing boxes. I was unloading U-boats. Every Wednesday and Friday those trucks would come in, and I knew that this was definitely not it for me.

4. DD) Which teammate would make a great coach?

Crossen: Mike Adams. Obviously he has a lot of experience within the League. I think he's very patient when it comes to young players.

5. DD) What's an animal that scares you when you're near it?

Crossen: I'm from the country, so there's not too many animals that scare me. But I think a lion would terrify me.

6. DD) You're from the country. So did you grow up on a farm?

Crossen: There was a farm down the street from my house. We kind of claimed it. Pigs. Horses. I was actually kind of terrified of horses, ponies, when I was growing up, because their eyes were so big and I always thought they were looking at me.

7. DD) What are some of your nicknames?

Crossen: When I was growing up they used to call me 'Spiderman' because I was so athletic. I used to jump off stuff and flip. I could do a backflip off a table.

8. DD) Can you still do a backflip?

Crossen: I still can.

9. DD) What was the best Christmas gift you ever got?

Crossen: It's kind of crazy, but every Christmas I've asked for a whistle, especially growing up. I don't know why, but I always liked the sound of a whistle. Like a Fox 40.

10. DD) So did you get a whistle this year?

Crossen: I did not. I think Santa Claus has put me on his 'too old' list. So all you kids, stay young out there.

11. DD) What's your go-to karaoke song?

Crossen: Oh my goodness. 'Lean on Me', I think.

12. DD) So when's the last time you cooked something?

Crossen: I helped my mom cook for Christmas. I baked a cake. It was a honey-bun cake.

BAKER'S DOZEN DD) What's on the perfect burger?

Crossen: It's got to be a double burger. Bacon, but turkey bacon. Some tomatoes, lettuce, dill pickles, cheese, ketchup and mustard, or ketchup and mayo. Depends on the day.

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