Drew's Dozen: 12Q with WR/returner DeAndre Carter

1 DD: What's it like being named DeAndre, and being in the same receivers room as DeAndre Hopkins?

CARTER: "When I first got here, I thought 'Oh, I gotta find a nickname.' But we call him 'Hop. So he's 'Hop, and I'm DD, DC, Dre. So it's not too hard."

2 DD: What are your other nicknames?

CARTER: "My mom used to call me 'Boobata'. 'DDmam' is something my aunt used to call me."

3 DD: What's your favorite football movie or TV show of all time?

CARTER: "'Friday Night Lights.' 'Remember the Titans' is a close second. TV show? The TV show version of 'Friday Night Lights' is a really good show."

4 DD: What's a typical breakfast for you?

CARTER: "I'm a heavy fruit guy. So a big cup of fruit: strawberries, mangoes, and then bacon and eggs."

5 DD: What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

CARTER: "'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'. "

6 DD: What's your favorite TV show as an adult?

CARTER: "'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', still. But I'm a heavy 'Game of Thrones' guy. Great show. I would say one of the top three shows of all-time."

7 DD: What's the last thing you cooked?

CARTER: "Seafood pasta. Last week."

8 DD: Do you have a go-to karaoke song?

CARTER: "'I'm a Boss' by Meek Mill.

9 DD: Is there an animal that scares you when you're near it?

CARTER: "Snakes. I'm not around snakes a lot but I'd probably go in the opposite direction."

10 DD: Rank these 5 Carters. DeAndre Carter, President Jimmy Carter, Vince Carter, Carter's Baby Clothing, and Cris Carter.

CARTER: "I'm going to go with DeAndre Carter, first. Second, I'm going to go Cris Carter, receiver for the Vikings. Hall of famer, great guy. Let me go President Jimmy Carter, third. Vince Carter, fourth. Fifth, last one is Carter's Baby Clothing."

11 DD: What would your career be if you weren't a football player?

CARTER: "I went to college to be a sports anchor, broadcaster."

12 DD: What was the first job you had?

CARTER: "I was a substitute teacher. It was fun. An incredible experience. I wouldn't give it back for the world. At the time in my life, it was something I was able to do to keep training for my football workouts."

For the fourth year, the NFL gave players the opportunity to highlight causes important to them through the My Cause My Cleats initiative. Players will wear custom-designed cleats reflecting their commitment to charitable causes this weekend. More than 35 Texans players are participating.

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