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Ed Reed feeling fine after first game back

Other than the loss, Ed Reed is feeling fine following his first game in over seven months. Coming out of his first game, Reed experienced no soreness.

"He's feeling good," head coach Gary Kubiak said on Monday. "He worked out with the team. He ran good today. I think he played, I want to say like 40 plays, somewhere in that neighborhood. Moved around pretty good, did not come out sore or anything, so I think we took a step in the right direction. Obviously, he starts to play more, starts to feel better with what we're doing as a defense."

Leading up to Sunday's game at Baltimore, Reed reps at practice increased steadily but he was evaluated each day afterwards to check for soreness as his body broke down remaining scar tissue in his hip. Kubiak did not have a predetermined play count was mindful of not overextending Reed in his first game back.

"Yeah, we were talking somewhere between 30 and 40, depending on how many snaps there were in the game and how he felt. I think there was a period there in the fourth quarter where we shut him down and Shiloh (Keo) took the rest of the game with what we were doing."

Overall, Kubiak is pleased with Reed's recovery.

"He moved around good," Kubiak said. "Like I said, for him, that's his first time back since when? Last year, the Super Bowl. I think just the fact he was able to play some and he came out of the game feeling good. There was a turf issue. Talk about him playing on turf. We came out okay, worked out the team today so I think we're heading in the right direction."


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