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Fan Excitement Fuels the Game | Daily Brew

Not that they needed it but following the NFL Annual Meeting, coaches, owners and executives from all 32 teams have reinforced perspective of the most important element of the game: YOU.

Obviously, it's the fan interest that makes this the most popular sport in the country. The NFL is out to make sure it stays that way. And the Texans are certainly doing their part.

Whether it's the anticipation of a huge haul of draft picks about to be utilized, the innovative season ticket member loyalty plan or the digital team producing content like the series Building the Texans, there's plenty that the organization has going on right now to get you juiced about 2022.

"They (the fans) really do make the game. I'm a coach but I'm a fan too." Lovie Smith said on Texans Radio. "I'm going to be involved in football all my life."

He added that he sees the appeal of the content the team video crew is putting out. "I understand when you can't be on the inside like we are, wanting to get to know as much as you can about your favorite team."

Nick Caserio told us that the meetings gave the attendees a comprehensive view of the popularity of the game nationally and locally. "You look at it from a big picture league perspective then drill down and what are the things that you can do specific to your team to continue to grow the game and evolve. You see how much interest there is in our game and we all have a responsibility to do our part to continue to try to grow it. But ultimately we have to focus on what's best for the Houston Texans."

Texans President Greg Grissom has been focused on everything from spearheading the season ticket member pricing innovations to planning big events like the draft party, to activating the club's internal media crew to showcase the squad in as many ways as possible. "We know it's an interesting time and an exciting time, with all the new components to build the team and we want to give everybody an inside look." He said on Texans All Access.

It's no surprise that offseason plans for the Texans don't only involve X's and O's but the fan experience as well. Texans Chair and Chief Executive officer Cal McNair is eager to see NRG Stadium back in gameday mode. "Planning is coming to fruition so I can't wait to get everyone back in the stadium, getting loud, and cheer with them, for the team."

It's all about you. The Texans know what you want most, and they're working on it. I'll add this: the joy is in the journey. Let's get ready for the draft and take it from there.

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