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FanDuel Forecast: Texans at Packers


This could be a breakout week for the Texans, facing a Green Bay team coming off of a short week. Their defense can be susceptible to big plays, with opportunities both in the air and on the ground.

From a fantasy perspective, let's take a look at how the Texans may fare heading into Sunday's game against the Packers. Below, you'll find the player's FanDuel salary for the week.

Since the beginning of October, Lamar Milelr has crushed it on FanDuel every other week. Check out his FDP totals since October 2, in chronological order: 12.3, 2.9, 31.3, 8.2, 13.3, 8.3, 18.3, 7. If history holds, the calendar tells us that he's due for a big one. Green Bay's defense ranks 25th in the NFL in points allowed, so it could set up Miller for a solid day.

FanDuel Salary - $7,300

It's great to see the rookie speedster healthy once again. It's even better seeing him returning punts. Maybe Fuller will break one, maybe he won't, but knowing he'll have as many as six opportunities to touch the ball on special teams makes him an intriguing FanDuel option.

FanDuel Salary - $5,600

There's no reason to start any defense against Aaron Rodgers… that is, unless it is possible that Rodgers isn't 100 percent. This past Monday, he played through a hamstring injury, and the severity of it is unknown at this time. A possibly slightly hobbled Rodgers is a sackable Rodgers, so if the Texans defense can tackle him for a loss or three, well, that's $4,500 FanDuel bucks well spent.

FanDuel Salary - $4,500

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