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Fans bullish on Texans


Justin Renfrew-Hill was part of a legion of Texans faithful who traveled to Honolulu to watch Houston's Andre Johnson, Mario Williams and Owen Daniels in the 2009 Pro Bowl.

"There are a lot more Texans fans coming out here (this year)," said Renfrew-Hill after leaving Aloha Stadium for his second Pro Bowl in as many years. "You're seeing a lot of jerseys. Andre is represented really well. I even saw a couple of Owen Daniels jerseys out there today, which I hadn't seen a lot of, and Mario Williams jerseys.

"We're having lots of people come out now and have a good time with the Texans. They're a lot more respected now as a football team a couple years in a row. We expect big things next year."

Of the Texans' record-setting three Pro Bowlers, Renfrew-Hill was most impressed with the one who made the team as an alternate just 10 days before the game.

"Owen Daniels had a great game," he said in reference to Daniels' two catches for 30 yards and a touchdown as a backup for the AFC squad. "It's great to see him get active. I know he wasn't originally a starter, but (he had a) great game today."

Other fans were left disappointed that the NFL's leading receiver, Johnson, was rarely targeted by AFC quarterbacks despite being voted a starter in the game. Johnson finished with only two catches in his third Pro Bowl.

"I wished that Andre would have gotten a little more action, but we had a good time," said Donnie Ozenne of Houston.

"Andre Johnson had a good game, could have been a bit more involved, like Donnie says," said Bob Mack of Houston. "Mario did well, also."

With the 2008 season officially in the books at the conclusion of the Pro Bowl, Texans fans in Honolulu already were looking forward to free agency and the draft.

"Defense wins championships," said Ka-Rhonda Porter of Houston. "I'm looking forward us to going ahead and firming up a deal with Dunta Robinson so we can get him on board. And I'm also looking forward to drafting some other defensive key players, as well."

The Texans' third-ranked offense and increasing talent at the skill positions has fans buzzing heading into the heart of the offseason.

"There are definitely some holes we need to fill, but we're legitimate in a lot of positions, as you can see by our players," Renfrew-Hill said. "We have a legitimate quarterback, a legitimate wide receiver, tight end. Even (Steve) Slaton was coming on real strong. I think he's got a great chance to be a Pro Bowl player in the future.

"So we do have a lot of weapons. We need to be a little it stronger on defense, but we have lots of hope and lots of chances coming up next year. The playoffs is our hope and dream next year. I think it's completely possible."

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