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Fantasy: Week 6 waiver pickups


By Erin Skelley

Erin Skelley, aka "Erin the Fantasy Girl" on Texans Radio/SportsRadio 610 in Houston, pours her heart and soul into scouting the Week 6 waiver wire.

Sean Payton, you are magical. Better than any white unicorn or double rainbow or silly little leprechaun. How do you do it? Please teach me. Is it the luck of the Irish? Or just really amazing telekinetic powers? Or perhaps you're a throwback to Bewitched and you just wiggle your nose. Whatever it is, I'm a believer. With your watchful eye from a Superdome luxury suite, the winless Saints looked decent, even good. Drew Brees threw for 370 yards with four touchdowns. Marques Colston contributed with131 yards, and three scores. Even former Saints receiver Robert Meachem got a piece with two touchdowns.

So Sean, this is kind of a crazy thought, but here I go… If I send you my fantasy rosters, will you take a quick glance at them? All I need is a little look-see for some of that Peyton flair. Cool?  

Fantasy owners, obviously, we'd all love a "lucky Sean Payton's foot" key chain, but absent of that, here are a few waiver finds to help your team for week 6. It's the best I can do.

Robert Meachem, WR, San Diego Chargers – It's about time, Robert. Finally, you and Phillip Rivers connected with 67 yards on three receptions and two touchdowns. You still make me nervous, but you're making up for four weeks of dissatisfaction, so keep up the good work. Meachem is an adequate substitute for those replacing bye-week casualties. This week, the Chargers face the Broncos who have been average against the pass. Available in 57 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

Alex Green, RB, Green Bay Packers – Poor Cedric Benson is out for at least eight weeks with a foot injury. Green's stats were decent as a fill-in, with nine carries for 55 yards. A probable time-share with James Starks, Green is an RB3 at best, and perhaps just a benchwarmer this week facing the Texans defense. Still a good steal with nice upside. Available in 90 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

William Powell, RB, Arizona Cardinals – I seem to have the opposite effect of Payton. Sorry, Ryan Williams. Obviously, I had high hopes when I wrote about you. With your season-ending shoulder injury, Powell is expected to land the starting job. Likely to split carries, so consider him an RB3 for now. Powell and the Cardinals face the delectable Bills run defense this week. Did you see what San Fran did? Available in 95 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

Bilal Powell, RB, New York Jets – No relation to William Powell (OK, maybe there is, but no time to verify). His stats aren't that great, not even for the Jets. But there's value here down the road. Shonn Greene remains the starter, but Powell is getting good playing time (around half the snaps) and appears to be the better runner. This week he faces the Indy run defense, which has struggled. Still, consider him a stash-n-save grab for now, or a starter in deep or desperate leagues only. Available in 85 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

Josh Gordon, WR, Cleveland Browns – Another sneaky pick with big upside, Gordon reeled in two receptions for 82 yards against the Giants on Sunday. He also has an open door (although just barely cracked), with favorite target Greg Little dropping passes. This week, Gordon takes on the Cincy defense, which presents some problems to wideouts. Available in 98 percent of Yahoo! leagues.

Ryan Tannehill, QB, Miami Dolphins – Remember all the buzz around Brian Hartline in week 4? With 12 receptions for 254 yards, who do you think helped him? That's right, Ryan Tannehill. Expect Tannehill to continue scoring in the 10-14 point range, not bad for a QB2 or backup. Available in 91 percent of Yahoo! leagues.  

Erin Skelley joins Texans Radio every week on SportsRadio 610. Follow her on Twitter @erinskelley. She'll babble fantasy to anyone who will listen.

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