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First & Ten: Ahman Green

EDITOR'S NOTE: This feature originally appeared in the Texans' Gameday magazine for the team's TNT Rivalry game on Oct. 21, 2007 against the Tennessee Titans.

Running back Ahman Green gets it going on the field, blasting past the opposing secondary. When he goes home, he revs up his '67 Shelby Mustang.

1) Who was your favorite player growing up?"Bo Jackson, Walter Payton. Jerry Rice, Steve Largent – I'll leave it there because I could keep going."

2) Who do you admire most and why?
"My mom and dad for raising me the way they did. They did a good job putting up with me when I was little. I was a knucklehead, literally running up walls and always doing something silly and getting in trouble. But they gave me choices and let me know that there is a good choice and a bad choice, it's up to me to know what I'm going to do with them. They made me understand what a bad choice was and what a good choice was, and they supported me through everything, through sports, through school."

3) What is your favorite vacation spot?
"Australia, anywhere down there. I love it. I've been there twice. Fortunately enough, I went in college for an all-star game and played football down there. We played against a club team they had. They look at our football players as pansies because we wear pads and helmets and all that stuff; real men play football in a polo and gym shorts."

4) Do you prefer sports cars or SUVs?"I'm a car guy, period. It doesn't matter if it's a four-wheel drive or twin turbo, but I love Mustangs. I'm a Ford Mustang guy. I have a '67 Shelby in my garage and I'm ordering a 2008 Shelby."

5) What is your favorite gadget?
"Right now, I'm like Batman; I have the utility belt of stuff. I've got the two cellies over here and the iPod's in the bag with the PSP. Probably my favorite is the iPod with the video, the TV shows, music and games. I do have a PSP with video games and stuff like that, but when I can watch my Grey's Anatomy on a two-inch screen, it's all good."

6) What do you have on your iPod?
"Music-wise, I'd say 50 Cent."

7) If you had three hours to yourself, what would you do?
"I'd start spending time with my kids and my family. That would be number one. Number two would be the Xbox or playing online. As long as I'm playing video games, I don't care."

8) Who is your favorite player to play against?
"(Brian) Urlacher, for sure."

9) What was your welcome to the NFL moment?
"Waking up at six in the morning, going to the grocery store to get a couple dozen donuts and a couple gallons of milk for the veterans, and then none of them ate anything."

10) What makes a great home field advantage?
"Seeing the crowd into the game for all four quarters; that is what home field advantage is about, especially if it's a close game. If the home team is down by one point and the opposing team has the ball, their quarterback can't make a call or make an audible because it's too darn loud and the linemen can't hear anything. When you've got the crowd behind you like that, it means they're going to give you the extra boost to get into field-goal range or score a touchdown."

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