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First & Ten: Dunta Robinson

EDITOR'S NOTE: This feature originally appeared in the Texans' Gameday magazine for the team's 'Salute to the Military' game on Nov. 18, 2007 against the New Orleans Saints.

Cornerback Dunta Robinson started playing football in grade school so he wouldn't have to wash dishes every night.

1) What is your most memorable football moment?
"It just came last year, beating the Indianapolis Colts for the first time. It was a great feeling because no one thought we would be able to come out there and beat them, and we beat them. That felt great. Maybe it's the first of many victories against the Colts."

2) If you could play any position, what would it be?
"Quarterback, because you get to touch the ball all the time. I probably wouldn't throw a pass. I would just tuck it and run. They would have to bring in somebody else on passing downs."

3) Why did you start playing football?"Because my dad told me I had to either play a sport or do the dishes, and I chose to play a sport. He didn't say you have to play a sport. He said you've got to do chores or you've got to do something. I chose to do something, and it was football."

4) What is your favorite food?
"Any kind of junk food like pizza. Sorry, Virgil (Campbell, Texans strength and conditioning assistant), I know you're going to be upset, but I like my fries and spicy foods, chicken and pizza."

5) Who do you admire the most and why?
"My parents. I know that's two people, but I admire those guys because I know they struggled a little bit and they still found a way for me to go out and play football. They still bought all my equipment for me when I needed it. I admire my parents the most."

6) What do you like best about Houston?"I like the weather. The weather's always good and there's a lot to do in Houston. There's movies, concerts- there's always something going on in Houston. Houston's a great city. I'm glad they picked me."

7) What is your favorite TV show?
"All the reruns of Martin. I make sure I watch them every day at seven o'clock and then again at ten o'clock. All the reruns of Martin, that's my favorite."

8) What is your biggest fear?
"Cats. I hate cats. I got chased by a cat when I was on a bicycle one day when I was seven and I was riding down the street. It was dark and I just saw these green eyes and he came out creeping. I'll tell you one thing, I peddled so hard my legs were tired after I got off that bike. So I hate cats. If you have cats, don't bring them around me."

9) Who was your favorite player growing up?
"Prime Time. Most guys that want to be great at corner, that's always their favorite player. Deion (Sanders) was my favorite player growing up, Mr. Excitement."

10) What makes a great home field advantage?
"Crowd noise. Talk bad to them when they come out- any way you can get into the opposing teams' heads, just do it. We need the twelfth man on our side and the crowd out there to be loud and be rowdy and just support us. We need to sell out, and that's how you get the home field advantage."

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