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Free agency plans, Player free time and the 1st rounder | Fans Wanna Know


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Bacari Walker: Dear Drew, Do you think the Texans will be aggressive in free agency?
DD: Great question, Bacari. With more cap space and areas to upgrade, I think the Texans will be very active in free agency. Whether or not that means they sign a notable name on the first day remains to be seen.

But think about last year: while they didn't sign any of the "marquee" players on the very first day of free agency, General Manager Nick Caserio and company were active and got running back Devin Singletary, tight end Dalton Schultz and defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins. Those three were important to the Texans success last season. Throughout the offseason, as well as in-season, Caserio and the Texans added several other key parts via the free agent market.

Tanner Dearing: Dear Drew, Who do you think the Texans choose with their first round pick?DD: We're still over two months away from the NFL Draft, but I think the Texans are in a prime spot to get an excellent player at 23rd overall. With several teams ahead of them likely to go with a quarterback, players at others positions get pushed down the board. One or two or more who could've gone higher are likely to slide to 23, so the Texans will have a chance to pounce.

The latest Mock Draft Roundup came out yesterday, and the experts were split between Penn State defensive end Chop Robinson and Illinois defensive tackle Jer'Zhan Newton. Those two were mocked by six different experts apiece, to Houston.

Bacari, you're this week's winner of the Texas Lottery Scratchoffs. Someone from the organization will soon be in touch with you about it. I hope you win a bunch of money.

Seferino Castillo: Dear Drew, When will the new uniforms be unveiled?
DD: April.

Sebas Rose: Dear Drew, I don't have a question. I just wanna say that seeing y'all succeed after a long time of me seeing y'all lose makes feel so proud of these guys and makes me feel better whenever I wear my Texans gear. I'm super proud of every guy in that locker room and hope nothing but the best for y'all.
DD: Good stuff, Sebas. We've heard a lot of similar sentiments from a slew of Texans fans. Happy times are back again for sure.

Xavier Santellanes: Dear Drew, How long do we have C.J. Stroud under contract?  
DD: Four years, with a 5th-year option. So, through the 2027 regular season.

Jonathan Hernandez: Dear Drew, How can I work for the Houston Texans?
DD: I'm not sure what you'd like to do, but I would start by clicking HERE and checking out which available job you'd like, and if you meet the qualifications. I'd also make sure you have a profile created. Good luck, and if you wind up getting hired, come by my desk and say hello!

Miguel Palma: Dear Drew, When is the Texans training camp?
DD: The official dates haven't been announced yet, but Houston will start things up in late July and camp will run through the middle to end of August. Every year, it keeps getting more fan-friendly, and there's a lot to do for kids. Bounce houses, face painting, games, refreshments, and post-practice autograph opportunities.

David Taylor: Dear Drew, What do the players do in their free time? Like do they go and grab a beer? Go and hang at someone's place? Play Xbox? What do they do other than practice?
DD: Excellent question, David. Probably some or all or none of those things. They lead busy lives when they're here in the building, so when they're away from here they do a variety of activities. Some of them are married with children and have family stuff going on. Some are single and right out of college.

Almost all of them are involved in the community and do work with various charities.

I don't know what you're into with your free time, David. But I know there's such a wide cross-section of guys from all over the country, that it's very likely one or a few of them do the same type of stuff you do when you're not working.

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