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Garrett Graham's record-breaking season

Garrett Graham is having a record-breaking season – already.

In just four weeks, Graham has tied his 2012 career high of three touchdowns, recorded his longest TD catch (a 31-yarder) against Seattle, and set a single-game record of 69 yards on five receptions.
Graham, who has scored a TD in three different games this season, says he is pleasantly surprised by all the attention he has been receiving in the endzone.

"I think with the addition of DeAndre (Hopkins) and obviously, Owen and Andre (Johnson), it's going to open things up for me a little bit, a little bit more man coverage," Graham said Tuesday. "It's been good and hopefully, we can continue to get in the endzone."

Tight ends Owen Daniels and Garrett Graham have combined for six of the Texans eight touchdowns in 2013. Daniels, who has 18 receptions for 192 yards and three touchdowns this season, believes that Graham is poised to be a playmaker.

"You're going to see him make a ton more plays this year," Daniels said Tuesday. "With defenses, what they are doing, with coverage, he's going to get a lot of opportunities, some mismatches, linebackers and safeties. He's going to be all over the place, making plays. So, expect more out of 88."

Graham added his third score of the season, a 31-yard touchdown catch, in the second quarter of Sunday's 23-20 loss to Seattle.


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