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Houston Texans

Gary Kubiak could coach from pressbox Sunday

Gary Kubiak could be coaching Sunday's game against Oakland from the press box.

The Texans head coach expects to be cleared by doctors on Friday after suffering a mini-stroke on November 3. If Kubiak returns, he could be coaching from upstairs instead of from the sideline.

"If that's what they want me to do, I'll do it," Kubiak said. "Whatever I can do to get out there, to be a part of it. But I've had a good week. They've monitored throughout the course of the week and it's something they've talked about that they would like me to do. So I'm OK with that. That's fine."

Kubiak was officially diagnosed with having a transient ischemic attack (TIA) when he collapsed during halftime of the Texans game against Indianapolis. He has since been instructed by doctors to gradually increase his workload and reduce stress. Being up in the press box does have some advantages, according to Kubiak.

"You don't hear everybody hollering at you, I guess, that's probably the advantage," Kubiak joked. "I did that for 20-some years before I became a head coach. Actually, I was on the field initially in my career. It's calm up there. It's quiet. Just a different way of looking at the football game. Just to be back and be a part of it, that's what I'm concerned about."

While he would miss the interaction with players and personnel on the sideline, Kubiak hopes to fill the gap by sending offensive coordinator Rick Dennison, who normally sits in the press box, down to the field in his place.

"If there's somebody I've got to talk to, I've got to get them, instead of face-to-face, get them on the headset, talk through a coach," Kubiak said. I may send Rick down. I'm not quite sure exactly how I'm going to do it right now. That would be the biggest adjustment."

The other adjustment would be the matter of throwing the red flag which would go to defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.

"I'll be hollering at him to throw it or don't throw it, but he'll have it," Kubiak said.

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